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A bracelet collaboration with Smasheton.

Each stone was curated to reflect each of the chapters of

"Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles"

rose quartz: the love of all love, from self love to rotative it helps us

acknowledge our wounds and heal to open

tigers eye: empowering, courageous, and joyful stone that holds a sense of

joy and clarity while we bring our ideas to life; it’s said to help balance

and bring a sense of unity

sunstone: a stone of leadership, full of optimism, helps us balance work and

play as we reconcile our past

opalite: we are always provided for by the universe; it helps us clear and open;

often referred to as merlin’s stone

pyrite: helps us all shift our mindset as it helps us see beyond

what is shown, beyond the facade

garnet: a stone of abundance, we are always fueled by

the strength of our divine love

carnelian: carrying a passionate and motivating energy, known for it’s ties

to fertility and our libido as it helps with our physical strength and ignites

the fire in us all

rhondite: this heart stone radiates confidence through chaos bringing a sense of

calm and balance as we move through the energy around us

Nesha Pai x Smasheton Bracelet

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