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  • I am a CPA, business owner, author, and keynote speaker with a passion for numbers and a heart for courageous business.

  • At my core, I am an encourager of women— I guide women into their power, personally and professionally. Through my own lived experiences and resources, I have helped many women (and a few men!) rediscover their passion and face the pivotal changes necessary to finally live the life of their dreams.

  • My clients and audiences love the fresh take I have on business and life—I am an open book! I don’t hold anything back when it comes to my journey or my struggle. I am proof there is substantial power in not allowing challenges to distract from
    your goals.

  • As I continue to create resources and support systems for women, I realize just how powerful they would have been at the start of my journey, but I didn’t let that hold me back. And
    now I’ve made it so you don’t have to either.

  • This is your pivotal moment. Let’s take it together!


As a first generation Indian American raised in the south, Nesha has had her fair share of facing and
overcoming obstacles - dealing with racism and sexism throughout her life. She has endured mental
health struggles and a personal religious identity crisis all while navigating marriage, divorce, and single motherhood. But she credits these challenges as the catalyst for her success. Nesha opened her accounting firm, Pai CPA, in 2011 and made it her mission to empower women through hiring. Due to its
fully remote office structure (remember, this was 2011), she was able to give employment
opportunities to mostly stay-at-home moms. She has great pride in owning a business that supports
women and empowers business owners in their finances.

In 2020, Nesha published her book, Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles, which won the Multicultural Non-Fiction category at the American Book Fest that same year.


Intrinsically empowered by her own story and inspired by the stories of others, Nesha has continued to
expand her expertise and reach, leading to where she is today: An impactful leader and keynote speaker
who guides others to step into their power, regain their trust in the process, and live the life of their
dreams. Nesha is truly a testament to how her faith, forgiveness, and resilience transformed her
seemingly insurmountable obstacles into priceless opportunity and power.

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