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Overcome the Ordinary Obstacles to Build an  Extraordinary Life

  • The four core principles I cultivated in order to build the business and life of my dreams

  • How to look for possibilities, instead of feeling stuck, to keep your motivation going to ensure long term success

  • How to channel your confidence and live empowered to handle anything

Overcoming Finance Obstacles for Entrepreneurs

  • This is a workshop designed for entrepreneurs and is an informative overview of the important information to know about financial statements, tax structure, and best practices specific to small businesses 

The Universe Will Reward You For Stepping Up and Stepping Out

  • The mindset shift that needs to happen in order to face unforeseen challenges

  • How to know when it is time to step up

  • The tools needed to step out of your comfort zone

Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles to Build an Extraordinary Business

  • Instead of feeling stuck, take those obstacles and use them to propel forward and cause growth.

  • Refine the tools we can cultivate within for a growth mindset

  • Learning how to maximize the value of your business and how to attract the right people to work with

Honor the Culture While Finding Your Own Way

  • How to reform your BELIEFs

  • To take charge of your own life while still honoring your family/culture

What if I told you the ordinary obstacles in your daily life, that you may be choosing to defeat you, are actually holding you back from the greatest life you are meant to live? With the right methodology and skills, you can easily recognize these obstacles and take them head on, shifting your trajectory to gain your highest achievements at work, your greatest relationships in life and reaching unimaginable personal goals. But it has to start with a desire and utmost belief that you are meant for more. Let's turn obstacles into opportunity!



Nesha is also represented by the prestigious All American Entertainment Speakers Agency


Nesha is certified in the Cornell University Online Learning Women's Entrepreneurship program

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Nesha is certified by the Theater of Public Speaking program

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