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Overcome the Ordinary Obstacles to be Extraordinary

  • The importance of standing up for yourself

  • How you can and need to believe that you can create the life you desire

  • The steps you need to take in order to find your true purpose

Finance Basics for Entrepreneurs

  • This is a workshop designed for entrepreneurs and is an informative overview of the important information to know about financial statements, tax structure, and best practices specific to small businesses 

The Universe Will Reward You For Stepping Up and Stepping Out

  • The mindset shift that needs to happen in order to face unforeseen challenges

  • How to know when it is time to step up

  • The tools to step out of your comfort zone

Overcoming Ordinary Obstacles to Achieve an Extraordinary Business

  • Instead of feeling stuck, take those obstacles and use them to propel forward and cause growth.

  • Refine the tools we can cultivate within for a growth mindset

  • Maximize the value of your business

Honor the Culture While Finding Your Own Way

  • How to reform your BELIEFs

  • To take charge of your own life while still honoring your family/culture


It is at the crossroads of ordinary obstacles that we have the opportunity to change the trajectory of our lives. In these dynamic talks, you will learn more about the bullet points below. Those who should attend these keynotes range from anyone who wants to step into their purpose and take control of their own lives. 


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